Google Glass

Google glass is the talk everywhere you go. Right from technology enthusiasts to other common customers; people are just waiting anxiously to get a firsthand experience of this amazing device. This mounted head computer will unquestionably be a huge hit across continents. With so many potential applications for this product one of the most promising is the navigation application soon to be developed. A limousine driver from this limo rental company, said they could possibly have every driver using the gps on these glasses which would make navigation so much more user friendly. The potential for this technology is endless. (more…)

Apple Macbook Pro

macbook proIt is important to know that Apple has been perfectly known for providing users revolutionary products. In fact, Apple is popularly known for providing clients an alternative to Windows-based business laptops. Research has shown that the Apple MacBook Pro comes with several capabilities and properties that cannot be found on any other device. This can be found in the likes of design features and a unique OS. In addition, the MacBook Pro unleashes a beautiful display, a gamut of inbuilt software applications and powerful performance. Nevertheless, this laptop does not enable users the liberty of compatibility with non-Apple devices. It does not also have an HDMI port.  (more…)

Apple iPad Air 2

The iPad Air 2 is Apple’s latest iPad tablet which comes with new features, ultra modern technology design and impressive battery enhancements. It’s super thin and with a very attractive appearance.

The Wi-Fi on iPad Air 2 is very fast as compared to previous generation making downloading movies and streaming videos enjoyable. This is because the Wi-Fi and cellular model is fitted with quicker, more advanced LTE technology.  (more…)

Apple Watch

The Apple watch is a new piece of technology designed by Apple. It has only recently come out. This smart watch is the very first watch that Apple has created. It has the same kind of capabilities as the iPhone. These include very quick short cuts, health and fitness features and much more. There are a few designs you can choose from. These designs include: Edition varieties, Sport and Standard. The cost of these Apple watch’s will vary depending what you are after. At the moment, they can be quite expensive. There are a huge variety of cases and bands that you can also purchase. (more…)

Apple Iphone 6

It is a Smartphone designed and marketed by Apple inc. It was unveiled on September 9th year 2014 and launched on September 19th the same year and it is also part of the iphone series. It serves as the successor of the iphone 5c and iphone 5s. The iphone 6 underwent significant changes over its predecessor including the model, upgraded cameras, improved the processor , has a larger 4.7 and 5.5 inches display, , improved wi-FI connectivity and LTE and offer support for a near field communications based on the mobile payments offering. (more…)