Apple iPad Air 2

The iPad Air 2 is Apple’s latest iPad tablet which comes with new features, ultra modern technology design and impressive battery enhancements. It’s super thin and with a very attractive appearance.

The Wi-Fi on iPad Air 2 is very fast as compared to previous generation making downloading movies and streaming videos enjoyable. This is because the Wi-Fi and cellular model is fitted with quicker, more advanced LTE technology. 

It also contains tremendous amount of apps on the App store, designed especially for the large Retina display ensuring that the user finds any app that will assist in better performance.

There is also the combination of iOS 8 and iPad Air 2 which is a master class because iOS 8 is the most advanced mobile OS ever. This results into high efficiency and continuity making the device even more ipad-air-21indispensable. It can be concluded that every element of iOS 8 is designed to work excellently with iPad Air 2 taking advantages of all the device’s features

There are also cons to the device; for instance Micro-Sim cards cannot be used in iPad air 2 since it uses the Apple SIM or carrier supported nano-SIM card.

There is compatibility restraint from older models accessories as iPad Air 2 uses the Lightning connector which differs from the 30-pin connector on iPad(3rd generation) and iPad 2.

The thinness of the design can also be a worrying factor as it is considered more fragile than its previous design iPad Air 1.In addition the sound quality is thin and speaker placement is not effective.

Nevertheless the features are exquisite as it has an amazing thin silhouette resulting from redesigning the Retina display, combining what had previously been three layers into one. The display thus is better and thinner with more vivid colors and greater contrast. It has an antireflective coating which gives it the least reflective display compared to any tablet in the market

It is more powerful as it consists of a new chip; the A8X that results tremendously in a better CPU and graphic performance than its processor. In addition, it has a 64-bit desktop-class design making it is as powerful as many personal computers. The fitted 10-hour battery enables the user to use it for long hours thus making it power efficient.

In addition, iPad Air 2 is designed with the modern acclaimed Touch ID technology which gives the user unprecedented level of security because it uses the most secure password which is the fingerprint.

The camera is the best iPad camera yet; as it has an improved sensor, a powerful Apple-designed image signal processor and advanced optics. There are new features that include time-lapse videos, burst-timer modes and panorama, as well as the redesigning of the front-facing FaceTime HD camera to include improved sensor and larger pixels for even better low-light effect.

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