Apple Macbook Pro

macbook proIt is important to know that Apple has been perfectly known for providing users revolutionary products. In fact, Apple is popularly known for providing clients an alternative to Windows-based business laptops. Research has shown that the Apple MacBook Pro comes with several capabilities and properties that cannot be found on any other device. This can be found in the likes of design features and a unique OS. In addition, the MacBook Pro unleashes a beautiful display, a gamut of inbuilt software applications and powerful performance. Nevertheless, this laptop does not enable users the liberty of compatibility with non-Apple devices. It does not also have an HDMI port. 

The main feature of the product remains in its unique OS called X Mountain Lion. The operating system of the device offers amazing data backup, tools for apps, navigation and just to mention a few. One interesting thing to know about the OS of the device is its ability to use multi-touchpad. The touchpad of the device remains highly responsive. It also offers a gamut of gestures that can enable navigation to work smoother.

With Mountain Lion, you can easily work with several applications and multitask at once. With the launchpad tool, you will be able to access all of your applications at once. This will also help to save you time from searching for unnecessary things. Other features that come along with the design of the Apple MacBook Pro are single sign-on Facebook, iCloud digital storage access, iMessage, and Twitter integration. This will help accumulate effectively with other Apple products.

One major disadvantage of the product is its inability to operate with other non-Apple gadgets. For instance, if you are planning to connect the device to an external display, you’ll have to purchase a specific adapter that converts the Mini DisplayPort to VGA or HDMI. Even if the Thunderbolt connection remains powerful and impressive, it does not help when trying to connect to other non-Apple devices. Apart from the Thunderbolt feature, the product also provides a FireWire connection an SD card reader and 2 USB 3.0 ports.


The truth is that the device comes with several amazing benefits. The design of the product comes with a 15-inch widescreen display that provides 1440 x 900 native resolutions. However, this is a great resolution feature, but you can as well upgrade to the Retina display option. With Retina display, you will get a resolution of 2880 x 1800. The upgrade to the Retina display will make a great difference if you are using the device for image work and graphics primarily.


Another disadvantage of the device is its weight. It primarily weighs close to 5.6 pounds. This will make difficult to carry from one place to another for a long time. Nevertheless, the Apple MacBook Pro is just 0.95 inches thick making it easy to slide into a backpack or bag.

Apple has upgraded its hardware by bounds and leaps. Apple now provides a powerful and quick computing device with limited problems for users. The Apple MacBook Pro comes with the quad-core Intel Core i7 processor carrying the speeds of 2.5GHz. If you are looking to get extra power, then simply configure the device with a wide selection of the Intel Core processors.

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