Apple Watch

The Apple watch is a new piece of technology designed by Apple. It has only recently come out. This smart watch is the very first watch that Apple has created. It has the same kind of capabilities as the iPhone. These include very quick short cuts, health and fitness features and much more. There are a few designs you can choose from. These designs include: Edition varieties, Sport and Standard. The cost of these Apple watch’s will vary depending what you are after. At the moment, they can be quite expensive. There are a huge variety of cases and bands that you can also purchase.


As with all new technologies, Apple watch comes with Pro’s and Con’s.

The Pro’s for this watch include the following:

  • A Fantastic Design.
  • It is very comfortable to wear.
  • Plenty of room to grow in the main platform. Particularly with native applications.
  • Great fitness software.
  • A good solid quality build.
  • Apple Pay.
  • The ability to make phone calls.
  • The Con’s of the Apple watch include:
  • Not a good battery life. It will only last for about eighteen hours.
  • Location services and applications do not work very well.
  • Must have an iPhone 5 or older in order to work.
  • The battery will run out very fast.
  • Making phone calls from your wrist is very difficult.
  • It is incredibly expensive. You would be better off looking for other smart watches.
  • The Apple watch provides you with just the right amount of information. There is never too much information. All it takes is a simple slide on your screen to get to what you want.
  • The features of Apple watch include the following:
  • A calendar which allows you to store events, appointments, birthday’s etc.
  • Weather forecast apps.
  • Map’s.
  • Notifications. These allow you to be notified of any mail, text messages or phone calls.
  • Siri. Siri allows you to talk into the watch and instruct it to where you want to go. It also provides directions, or can keep you informed of up coming events. You’ll get an immediate response.
  • Turn-By-Turn. This will help you get to where you need to go. All you need to do is ask for directions. You will not get lost by using this along with Siri.
  • Messages. Messages work much the same as they do on an iPhone or iPad. There is little to no difference.
  • A Heart Rate Sensor can also be found. If you like to keep fit, you can use this app to take a photograph of your workouts and other activities.
  • An Accelerometer is also included in this device. This has the ability to take count of all of your steps. It will also keep track of your calories that you burn each day.

As we have seen, there are many pro’s and con’s of the Apple watch. Before you rush into getting one, it is better to think carefully and decide if it is worth paying the expense. Do some research. Compare this with other smart watches. You may find a better deal.

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