Apple Iphone 6S Plus Latest Version Review

Apple Iphone 6S Plus Latest Version Review

by Morristown Paving & Sealcoating

I am using the most expensive phone from Apple. I would like to give you a detailed review after using it longtime. I need not give you more explanations what model of apple phone I have used, as it is well known that the mobile is nothing but the iphone 6s plus. As a rule “S” models of the Apple phones have a tendency to have a couple of little improvements over the past phone. This year, however, Apple has made some genuine enhancements to the 6S Plus that make it all the more fascinating contrasted with what we’ve gotten to be usual to.


The daintily textured and thin handset is grippy and shockingly agreeable to hold for such a major mobile phones. There are no cumbersome edges and it is simply smooth. The streaming bends that fit pleasantly in your palm. The issue with the iPhone 6S Plus is the measure of its top and base bezels. Where the LG G4 figures out how to pack a 5.5 inch screen in a body that is more than a phone instead of a phablet, the 6s phone feels inconvenient.

Ease of Use

Contrast it with the most recent offerings from Samsung and however it could not hope to compare. The Super AMOLED shows on handsets, for example, the Galaxy Note 5 are a class above with regards to energy, sharpness and dark levels. Despite the fact that the iPhone 6S Plus doesn’t have the best screen, it stays awesome. Moreover, I’m progressively seeing unavoidable losses on phones show changes. For instance, having a higher-determination QHD screen doesn’t compare to a tremendous distinction in the client experience.


The Clock application lets you instantly make another alert or begin the stopwatch, while the Maps application gives a fast setting to get you home, check your area or send your area to a mate. Hard press the space bar when composing an email and the console changes to a touch cushion, so you can without much of a stretch move the cursor to a particular part of the message to deal with a grammatical mistake. Everything sounds basic, and it is, but on the other hand it’s a colossal stride forward by they way you interface with applications. It’s somewhat similar to having a right mouse catch readily available and it opens up a large group of new potential outcomes.

Final Verdict

I’m still exceptionally satisfied with the Apple iPhone 6S Plus. I’ve utilized various phones in the meantime as directing this long haul test despite everything I wind up going after the 6S Plus, chiefly in view of its usability and application library. It does all that you need it to with at least complain – essential in the event that you carry on with a bustling way of life and don’t especially think about tinkering with your cell phone. If you are okay with its big size and other minor drawbacks you can go for the mobile without any hesitation. We know apple is going to release very new models with incredible features and the 6s plus will be never throwed out even if the latest version enters into the market.

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